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MASTER BEDROOM | DIY THREE QUARTER WALL — k i r s t e n d i a n e



What you need to do is browse the selection of topics available both on the newsstand and online. Many gardening magazines appear in print and on the web. Gardening websites have archives of past issues and feature articles, free for your reading pleasure and education. You’ll find gardening tips, photo galleries and step-by-step DIY projects. Once you get started, it’s easy to see that you can fulfill your gardening goals, no matter how simple or specialized they might be.

Now your problem is to focus – unless you have time to burn, try to focus on the information you need this year. Experienced gardeners advise the beginner to start small and build on that accomplishment. This approach makes it far more likely you’ll complete your first project with enjoyment and satisfaction. Next year you’ll be prepared to tackle more.

Once you’ve checked out a sizable sample of available gardening magazines, you’ll find several that appeal to your sense of style and that contain relevant content. However, once you’ve got one project successfully under your gardener’s belt, your list of favorites may grow exponentially. There’s no telling what may happen to your magazine budget!

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